Sunday, 31 December 2017

Goodbye 2017 Hello 2018

Well today is not only the last day of the month but it is the last day of 2017.
These are just some of the things I have learnt in 2017.
My kids are adults and I need to treat them as such....but I will always be their mother so I will always worry about them.
I have an amazingl family.
I have some wonderful friends.
Some people will always only see your past mistakes and keep bitching about them no matter what.
I have learnt to ask for help.....(sometimes atleast).
I need to not get frustrated with myself when I can't do something.
Fibromyalgia can be a bitch sometimes.But it's a condition I have that makes sooo many things interesting to say the least.
My support network is growing everyday in so many wonderful ways.
I enjoy Trivia thanks to Anna-Maree Thompson and Todd.
I am learning to control my anxiety better then I did in 2016.
The world is a small place and it's amazing who knows who.
Lady and Dexter are a little crazy just like me 🤣
I enjoy teaching card making and have made some wonderful friends in Anna-MareeLiz and Jesseka by doing so.
There are more people that care about me then I thought there were.
If you want the truth then you only need to ask or look for it.
There are many many more things I learnt but I would be writing a chapter in a book if I kept going hehehe

I will be back in 2018

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